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Hot Items at special reduced rates. If you're looking for a bargain then you can't pass up these.
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Title Price  
PS-w-DANCE-RC-Closeout $25.00
Strappy platform sandal with buckle closure at the ankle. Color: Red Patent/Clear. Size: 6.
PS-w-GumDrops $32.00
Strappy Platform Sandals. Color: As Shown. Size: 7.
PS-w-IVANA-W-Closeout $49.00
Platfrom shoes with gladiator style laces. Made in Italy. Color: White Patent. Size: 12.
PS-w-JANET-Closeout $69.00
Black leather wooden platform sandals with slim vamp over the toes, and wrap-around ankle strap. This heel is a metal outline. Color: Black/Silver (As Shown). Size: 11.
PS-w-KISS-214-Closeout $39.00
Black patent platform sandals with angled straps. Buckles on the side. Color: Black Patent/Black. Sizes: 10, 11, 12.
PS-w-Kiss-215-Sale $49.00
Studded Strappy Platform Sandal with 6 inch heel. Color: Black Patent/Black. Sizes: 5 - 14 (full sizes only).
PS-w-KISS-220-Closeout $29.00
Platform shoes. Color: Black/Clear. Sizes: 12, 13.
PS-w-KISS-238-L-Sale $39.99
Black Leather Platform Sandals with wrap around ankle strap. Sizes: 8.
PS-w-LADY-2-BLK-Closeout $29.00
Woven toe wedge pump with average heel height of 4 inches. Color: Black. Size: 7.5.
PS-w-LIDO-R-Sale $29.00
Sandal platform shoes with Clear base, buckles around ankle. Color: Red/Clear. Sizes: 6.
PS-w-LIDO-S-Sale $29.00
Silver sandal on a clear platform base. Sizes: 11, 12.
PS-w-LIDO-W-Sale $29.00
White platform sandal. Color: White/Clear. Sizes: 6, 11.
PS-w-Meg-Closeout $29.99
Black Patent Gladiator Style Strappy Sandal on a Clear Wedge Platform. Color: Black/Clear. Size: 10.
PS-w-Mya-Closeout $42.00
Red brocade upper on a black platform. Size: 12. As Shown.
PS-w-PEEK-Closeout $22.50
Neon Pink Slide Sandal on Clear Platform. Proto-type, an original, never produced. Color: Neon Pink/Clear. Size: 6.
PS-w-PLANET-Sale $29.99
Black with sparkling glitter. Upper with two vamps over the front of the foot, a wrap around ankle strap. Color: Multi Colored Glitter on Black upper, on Clear Base. Size: 6.
PS-w-Platinum-Closeout $19.99
Silver/Clear platform shoes. Sizes: 7.5, 7.
PS-w-ROXY-BG-Closeout $25.00
Double-vamp, wrap-around ankle strap, platform sandals with clear platform. Color: Black Glitter/Clear. Sizes: 6, 9.
PS-w-SIZZLE-R-Closeout $32.00
Strappy platform sandal. Colors: Red/Clear. Sizes: 7.
PS-w-SPARKLE-W-Sale $29.99
Platform sandals with leather upper. Gladiator style shoes. Rhinestones on the vamp over the toes. Color: White Leather. Sizes: 5, 10, 11, 12.
PS-w-Stripper-Closeout $36.00
Platform slipper with clear upper with stripes. 6 inch heel. Colors: Silver/Clear. Size: 5.
PS-w-SWINGER-Closeout $29.95
Open-toe, sling-back, wedge platform shoes. Colors: Black/Clear. Sizes: 6, 7.
PS-w-XTC-Closeout $35.00
Clear Platform Sandal with double vamps with criss-cross markings. Size: 8.
PS-w-XTREME-709-B-Closeout $29.99
Super platform sandals with buckle ankle strap. Color: Black Patent. Size: 11.
PS-w-XTREME-709-W-Closeout $29.99
White patent super platform sandals with buckle ankle strap. Color: White Patent. Size: 8.
PS-Water-Closeout $29.99
Clear platform shoes. Sizes: 7 1/2.
PS-X-Rated-Closeout $36.00
Leather Platform with the Double Criss-Cross Straps, and 6" heel. Color: Black Leather. Size: 5. MADE IN THE USA!
PS5-b-DOLLY-57F-Closeout $35.00
Two-toned, wing tipped, platform pump with front buckle and 5" heel. Color: Flat Black/White. Size: 12.
PS5-b-LIP-106-Clr-Closeout $30.00
Strappy mini-platform sandals. Size: 15. Color: Clear.
PS5-h-307-5-Closeout $52.00
Suede mini-platform sandals with gladiator style ankle straps, beaded vamp. Colors: Orange. Sizes: 12. Made in the USA.
PS5-J-A7124-R-Closeout $25.00
Mini platform sandal, with 5" heel. Colors: Red. Sizes: 9.
PS5-LE-557-EDEN-Sale $26.00
Fully Enclosed Babydoll on a Mini Platform with a 5 Chunky Heel. Color: Black Patent. Size: 9.
PS5-LE-M-ELISA-Closeout $26.00
Mini Platform Sandal with Knotted Vamp and Back Buckle. Heel Height: 5 inches. Color: Black Patent. Size: 6
PS5-TO-320-5-Closeout $42.00
Mini-platform with assymetrical triple strap, and criss cross front strap. All straps adorned with Rhinestones. Color: Silver/Clear. Sizes: 6 Made in the USA.
PS5-w-322-5-Closeout $42.00
Satin mini-platform T-bar sandals with Rhinestones. Color: Black/Clear. Size: 6. Made in the USA.
PS5-w-557-LEA-B-Closeout $25.00
Mini-platform sandals with single vamp and buckle ankle strap. Color: Black Patent. Size: 7, 13, 15.
PS5-w-557-LEA-R-Closeout $25.00
Mini-platform sandals with single vamp and step-in buckle ankle strap. Color: Red Patent. Size: 12.
PS5-w-557-LEA-W-Closeout $25.00
Mini-platform sandals with single vamp and step-in buckle ankle strap. Color: White Patent. Size: 7.
PS5-w-DOLLY-29-Closeout $29.99
Open toe, Slingback sandal with chunky 5 1/4" heel and platform. Color: Flat Finish Black. Size: 6.
PS5-w-H-ZOE-B-CL $29.00
Chunky Platform Sandals with Criss Cross Straps, 5" Heel and 1 1/2" Platform. Color: Black Patent. Size: 5.
PS5-w-H-ZOE-R-CL $29.00
Chunky Platform Sandals with Criss Cross Straps, 5" Heel and 1 1/2" Platform. Color: Red Patent. Size: 8.
PS6-W-Allure-Closeout $29.99
Clear Slingback Platform with Silver Trim. Color: Clear (As Shown). Size: 7
PS6-w-Cool-Closeout $29.99
Strappy Clear Platform Shoes with 6" Heel. Color: Clear/Clear. Size: 7.
PS6-w-LAUREN-Blk-Closeout $39.00
Strappy Sandal Platforms with T-Bar Front and Buckle Ankle Strap. Color: Black Patent/Black. Size: 6.
PS7-W-515-Closeout $79.00
Super-platform leather upper sandal with leather wrap-around ankle straps, adorned with grommets. Wooden base. Heel height is 7 inches. Color: Tan Leather. Sizes: 7, 8. Made in the USA.
PS7-w-Charm-909-Closeout $39.00
Solid Colored Upper, matches the base on this platform sandal with a 7" heel. Heel is silver and cone shaped. Colors: Black/Silver. Size: 5.
PS7-w-Sky-304-Closeout $32.00
Four mirrored vamps over the foot. Seven inch heel. Color: Black. Size: 8.
PS7-w-SKY-327-Closeout $29.99
Super Platform Pump with Studded Criss Cross Ankle Strap. Color: Black Patent. Size: 6.
PS7-w-Sky-330G-Closeout $30.00
Silver Multi Glitter criss-cross strappy platform shoes with 7" heel. Size: 7.
PS85-b-XTREME-701-Closeout $29.99
Super platform Slide. Color: White Patent. Size: 12.
PT-13544 $12.00
Lurex leggings. Colors: Black/Gold, Black/Silver. One Size.
PT-7306 $8.25
Tattered opaque footless tights. Color: Black. One Size.
PT-7309 $9.50
Sweetheart net footless tights. Color: Black. One Size.
PT-7331 $7.99
Spandex shredded back opaque footless tights. Color: Black. One Size.
PT-7450 $12.99
Spandex shimmer leopard leggings. Colors: Teal, Purple. One Size.
PT-7589 $9.99
Opaque spandex shredded side footless tights. Color: Black. One Size.
PT-7751LEO $7.99
Purple leopard print footless tights. Color: Purple Leopard. One Size.
PT-V4122-Flames-Closeout $49.00
Vinyl straight leg pants with flames at the bottom edge. Color: Black/Yellow. Size: L.
PTY-2982-Closeout $9.00
Ruffled bottom panties. Colors: Peach, Pink. Size: M/L.
RP-2214-Closeout $39.00
Head Nurse Costume, includes zipper front dress and hat. Color: White/Blue. Size: S, M.
RP-h-3280-Closeout $35.00
White House Intern Costume, complete with bra top, suspender hot pants, and knee pads. Color: Red/White/Blue. Size: M/L.
RP-w-3289-Closeout $32.00
Secretary Costume. Striped Microfiber underwire bra and lace pleated skirt. Includes matching thong. Color: Black. Sizes: S/M.
RP-w-8097-Closeout $39.95
Beaded Flapper Costume includes tube dress, beaded halter dress, feather headband, and cigarette holder. Color: Black, White. Size: S/M.
RP-w-83174-Closeout $30.00
The Queen's Guard Costume, includes neck cuff and code of arms dress with hidden sleeves. Color: Red/Black. Size: M/L.
Seduce-440L6-Closeout $32.00
Leather Mary Janes. Color: White Leather. Size: 6.
Seduce-445-Closeout $36.00
Two toned wrap around the ankle, pump with 5" heel. Color: Black/Red (As Shown). Size: 12.
SO-Q-3022 $2.99
Shiny lycra cuffed Anklet socks. Colors: Black, Brown, Silver. One Size.
SO-Q-5585 $9.99
Lycra opaque hook and eyelet backseam knee high stockings. Color: Black/Silver. One Size.
ST-1003-Closeout $4.25
Backseamed stockings with bow at the top. Colors: Red/Black Bow. One Size.
ST-1005-CL $4.00
Stockings with horizontal stripes. Opaque and Sheer Stripes. Colors: Black, Baby Blue, Powder Pink. One Size.
ST-1055-CL $5.99
Sheer Thigh High Stockings with opaque criss-cross stripes and ribbon bow. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-1056-CL $5.25
Black thigh high stockings with silver spiderweb backseam and spider at ankle. Color: Black/Silver. One Size.
ST-1767 $6.99
Sheer suspender stockings trimmed in lace. Colors: Black, White, Red. One Size.
ST-1909Plus $6.75
Rhinestone back seam sheer stockings. Colors: Black, Red, White. Plus size.
ST-1989-Closeout $9.99
Mesh pantyhose with lace garterbelt. Colors: White. One Size.
ST-6013-Closeout $7.99
Opaque thigh high stay-up stockings with leopard print top. Color: As Shown. One Size.
ST-6065Plus-CL $10.00
Stay up lace top mini polka dot thigh high stockings. Color: Ivory. Plus Size.
ST-6115-Closeout $5.99
Opaque thigh high stockings with retro flower charm. Color: White. One Size.
ST-6247-CL $5.99
Opaque thigh high stockings with zipper print backseam. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-6256-CL $6.50
Thigh high stockings with back seam and tuxedo bow at ankles. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-6279-CL $6.00
Polka dotted thigh high stockings with lace top and bow. Color: Black/White. One Size.
ST-6291-Closeout $5.00
Mesh thigh highs with woven red dots and mini bows. Color: White/Red. One Size.
ST-6303-CL $6.25
Black Opaque Thigh High Stockings with Red Satin Bow and Glitter Clubs. Perfect for all of you card club events. Color: Black/Red. One Size.
ST-9014-CL $3.99
Fence net thigh high stockings. Colors: Black, White, Red, Neon Pink, Lime, Purple. One size.
ST-9018-B2T-CL $5.00
Fishnet Stockings with Contrast Satin Bow. Colors: Black/Red, Black/Purple. One Size.
ST-9027-CL $4.00
Fishnet with Lace top. Colors: Black, White, Red. One Size.
ST-9058-CL $9.99
Pink Corseted Lace Top Industrial Net Stockings. Color: Black/Pink. One Size.
ST-9066-CL $5.99
Checkered Card Suit Thigh High Stockings. Color: As Shown. One Size.
ST-9084-CL $6.00
Fishnet thigh-high stockings with back seam and satin skull print bows. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-9092-CL $6.99
Fishnet thigh high stockings with satin bow and handcuff charms. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-9104-CL $9.99
Sheer thigh highs with sequin garter top and beaded heart applique. Color: White. One size.
ST-9127Plus-CL $9.00
Stay up lace top micro fishnet backseam thigh high stockings. Colors: Ivory, White. Size: Plus Size.
ST-9209-Closeout $5.99
Vertical Striped Stockings. Color: Black. One size.
ST-9260-Closeout $5.00
Pyramid Net Striped Thigh High Stockings. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-9655-PL-B-Closeout $5.99
Bow lace thigh high stockings. Color: Black. Size: Plus size.
ST-9655-PL-W-Closeout $5.99
Bow lace thigh high stockings. Color: White. Size: Plus Size.
ST-9655-R-Closeout $5.99
Bow lace thigh high stockings. Color: Red. One Size.
ST-9655-W-Closeout $5.99
Bow Lace Thigh High Stockings. Color: White. One Size.
ST-9765-CL $6.50
Skull and crossbone vinyl top fishnet stockings. Color: Black. One Size.
ST-Q-1004-CL $4.00
Lycra Sheer Thigh High Stockings with ruffle trim and bow. Color: Black/Fuchsia. One Size.
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