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Hot Items at special reduced rates. If you're looking for a bargain then you can't pass up these.
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Title Price  
BI-TR-GB152B-Closeout $22.50
Black lycra tie on the side bikini with thong back. Color: Black. One Size.
BI-V303-Closeout $25.00
Pink vinyl triangle top, thong back bikini. Color: Light Pink. One Size.
BI-w-2051R-Closeout $25.00
Netted bikini top with partial lining adorned with tassels. Lycra thong back bottoms. Color: Red. One Size.
BI-w-565-22D-Closeout $25.00
String bikini in pot leaf pattern. Thong back. One Size.
BI-w-MK908-Closeout $29.00
One piece swimsuit, perfect for the islands... if you dare! Private dancer apparel. Color: Black Lycra. One Size.
BI-w-SMILEY-Closeout $20.00
Smiley face bikini with triangle top and thong back. Color: Neon Pink. One Size.
BI-w-V5527-BLUE-CL $15.00
Royal Blue Metallic Patent Bikini with front zippers. Size: Small.
BO-66873-Closeout $39.00
White Patent platform knee-high, lace-up boots. Size: 7 Color: White Patent.
BO-b-SEDUCE-2013-Closeout $79.00
Knee high leather boots with half inside zipper. Color: Black Leather. Size: 9.
BO-h-557-COWGIRL-Closeout $30.00
Brown PU mini-platform boots with chunky 5 inch heel. Color: Flat Brown. Size: 10.
BO-h-Seduce-1045-Closeout $40.00
Black Patent 5 Buckle Boots with 5" Heel. Color: Black Patent. Size: 10.
BO-h-Shannon-Blk-Closeout $25.00
Two-toned knee high boots with back laces and inside zipper. Color: Black Patent with Red Heel and Red Laces. Sizes: 6, 7.
BO-h-Shannon-P-Closeout $25.00
Two-toned knee high boots with back laces and inside zipper. Color: Pink Patent/Black Heel and Black Laces. Size: 6.
BO-PH420-Savannah-CL $49.00
Bound Boots with D-Rings Strung. Heel Height is 4". Color: Black Patent. Size: 12.
BO-w-511-DALE-Closeout $36.00
Black Patent Ankle Boot with 5" Heel and inside zipper. Color: Black Patent. Size: 8.
BO-w-HEAT-2010-Closeout $39.00
Knee-high boots with metal stiletto heel, toe tip, and elongated toe. Inside zipper. Color: Black Patent. Size: 8.
BO-w-N-BL-Sale $149.00
Black Leather Thigh High boot with Side Lace up and Inside Zipper. Size: 8.
BO-w-N-BPat-Sale $139.00
Patent Thigh High Boots with outside Lace up, and inside zipper. Color: Black Patent. Size: 14.
BS-8762PLUS-Closeout $7.99
Bow trimmed lingerie. Includes g-string. Colors: Black, White. Size: Plus size.
BS-89028 $9.99
Fishnet body stocking with satin bow front. Color: Black with Pink Bow. One Size.
BS-Q-8375-Closeout $6.99
Lycra industrial spaghetti strap open crotch body stocking. Color: Black. One Size.
BS-Q-8702-Closeout $9.99
Lurex body stocking, black with metallic shimmer, has spaghetti straps. Colors: Black/Purple. One Size.
BS-Y-1138-Closeout $7.99
Put a little zig in his zag! Crotchless Bodystocking with Zig Zag Stripes on a Sheer Background, with spaghetti straps. Colors: Black. One Size.
BU-11-155 $97.00
Stunning and sexy, this ribbon trimmed leather waist cincher is eye-catching on its own or paired with a blouse. Boning. Front busk opening. Lace-up back. G-String included. Color: Black/Red. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
BU-11-185 $97.00
This stunning leather corselet emphasizes the great curves of a woman’s body. The high cut at the hip lengthens the leg, while the underwire and 1/4 cup cut of the top boosts the bust. The seductive lace-up detailing of the front reveals tempting glimpses of skin. It also has a leather and Lycra back, adjustable straps and adjustable garters to ensure the best fit. Color: Black Leather. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
BU-11-503 $129.00
This is a breathtaking fetish-inspired leather corset with grometted buckles and a daring cupless design. It has boning and a lace-up back for a sculpted fit, a seductive front zipper opening, and detachable garters. The included g-string completes the look. Color: Black Leather. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
BU-11-7041 $64.00
This electrifying rubber-look vinyl corset makes a maximum impact with vibrant colorful inserts and boning that accentuate curves and emphasize the bust. Front and back lacing make it even racier. Front zipper opening. Detachable garters. Colors: Neon Pink/Black, Red/Black. G-String Included.
BU-11-7041W $64.00
This electrifying rubber-look vinyl corset makes a maximum impact with vibrant white inserts and boning that accentuate curves and emphasize the bust. Front and back lacing make it even racier. Front zipper opening. Detachable garters. Color: White/Black (As Shown). G-String Included.
BU-11-8201 $58.00
Boning. Hook and eye side opening with lace up back. Detachable garters. G-string included. Color: Blue/Black. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
BU-11-9601 $79.00
Ooo la la! Indulge your fantasies with this gorgeous pleated rubber-look vinyl corset. Luscious scoop neckline. Boning. Front busk opening. Adjustable shoulder straps. Lace up back. Detachable garters. Colors: Red/Black, Pink/Black, Black/White. G-String Included.
BU-3227-W-Closeout $24.50
Lace up the front vinyl bustier, hook and eye back. Color: White Patent. Size: Small.
BU-w-L5218 $32.00
Leather-like bustier with lace up back and lace up cinch. Color: Black. Sizes: M.
CD-3679-Closeout $29.00
Open-shoulder, sleeved mini-dress with keyhole. Color: Royal Blue. Size: Large.
CD-86095 $9.99
Fishnet halter dress with lace trim and opaque center panel. Color: Black. One Size.
CD-DG-5364 $54.00
Satin shantung corset mini-dress with boning to waist, laces in the front and back. Hook and eye front. Color: Dark Red. Size: 36.
CD-H-3174-Closeout $22.50
Oil Slick Mini Dress, with break away sides. As Shown. Size: L.
CD-JF-702X-Closeout $29.00
Mini-dress with SXXY Logo. Color: Black/Silver. One Size.
CD-L-17-105 $139.00
Lace up the back Leather Corset Dress with 5" upper laces and 5" lower laces in the front. Boning. Detachable Garters. Color: Black Leather. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
CD-L-17-415 $159.00
Leather Hook and Eye Corset Dress with Boning, Lace up Back, and Detachable Garters. Color: Black Leather. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
CD-N-11945-Closeout $29.00
Stretch satin flirty halter mini-dress with tie behind the neck. Color: Deep Sky Blue. Size: Medium.
CD-N-12041R-Closeout $29.00
Sheer mini-dress trimmed in iridescent sequin and rhinestones. Color: Royal Blue. Size: Medium.
CD-N-1980-CL $60.00
Satin cage mini-dress. Color: Red. Size: L.
CD-N-XXX $29.00
Halter mini-dress with a touch of metallic threads. This flared number has criss-cross detail in the front. Color: Black/Silver. Size: Small. Made in the USA.
CD-Q-8844 $12.99
Fence Net Long Sleeved Dress. Color: Black. One Size.
CD-SilverMesh $29.99
Silver Mesh Mini-dress with Silver Spaghetti Straps. Color: Silver. One Size.
CD-SnowLeo-Closeout $29.00
Lycra animal print mini-dress with short sleeves front bustline gather. Color: Snow Leopard (As Shown). One Size.
CD-TO-123-Closeout $18.99
Mesh two-toned swimsuit cover-up with ruffled top edge and two high side slits. Color: Black/White. One Size.
CD-TO-2004-Closeout $32.00
Tie in the front, cocktail dress. One Size. Color: Pink.
CD-TR-D76-Closeout $32.00
Black hologram halter mini-dress with a flirty flare. Color: Black. One Size.
CD-V5506-B-Closeout $25.00
Keyhole front vinyl mini-dress. Color: Black/Red Trim. Size: S.
CD-w-12197-Closeout $45.00
Off the shoulder, long sleeved mini dress trimmed in feathers. Colors: Red. Sizes: XL.
CD-w-4623R-Closeout $36.00
Lace off-the-shoulder mini-dress. Color: Red. Size: Small.
CD-w-749VC-Closeout $45.00
Velvet mini-dress adorned with rhinestones around low-cut neckline. Color: Black Velvet. One Size.
CD-w-8740-Closeout $14.99
Velvet Burn Out Chemise. Colors: Ivory. One Size.
CH-4417-Closeout $25.00
Sheer chemise with spaghetti straps. Color: Purple/Blue. Size: Petite/Small.
CH-DG-3020-Closeout $29.00
Halter chemise with tie behind the back. Color: Red. Size: S/M.
CH-Q-81072-Closeout $12.99
Lycra Sheer Chemise with Woven “Lace-up” Trim. Color: White/Red. One Size.
CH-Q-8717 $12.00
2 piece Rose lace flared chemise with G-string. Colors: Black, Red. Size: One Size.
CH-Q-8717PLUS $14.99
2 piece Rose lace flared chemise with G-string. Color: White. Size: Plus
CO-3366-Closeout $32.00
Black mesh, scoop neck corset mini-dress with scalloped lace trim. Eye and hook front. Color: Black. Size: Small.
CO-8616-Closeout $29.99
Velvet trimmed mesh waist cincher with hooks and eyelets on the side. Lace Up Back and 4 garters. Color: Black. Size: S.
CO-8952-Closeout $45.00
Satin waist cincer with boning, and eye and hook front. Color: Black. Size: XL.
CO-h-8940-Closeout $14.99
Mesh Corset with hook and eyelet closure. Color: Black. Size: L.
CO-L-11-105 $129.00
Full lace up leather corset with boning. Triple lace up front and lace up back. G-String included. Color: Black Leather. Sizes: S, M, L, XL
CO-L-11-109 $129.00
Leather Boned Corset, Laces up the back, hook and eye front opening. Adjustable collar with buckles. Detachable garters. Color: Black Leather. G-String included. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
CO-L-11-113 $127.00
Leather Corset with Zipper Front. Underwire, adjustable shoulder straps, boning, lace-up back, and detachable garters. G-string included. Color: Black Leather. Sizes: S, M, L, XL.
CO-S-C25-Closeout $39.00
Half cup black satin lace up the back corset with heavy boning. Made in the USA. Size: M.
CO-V5018-Closeout $49.00
Heavy vinyl corset with silver metal riveted trim. Back laces, and front sturdy nylon zipper. Cushioned lining. Color: Black Vinyl/Silver. Size: Small.
CO-w-8214-Closeout $19.99
2 Piece Embroidered Satin and Lace Lightly Boned Zipper Back Corset with Matching String Bikini. Color: Black/Purple. Size: M.
CO-w-V5007-Closeout $32.00
Vinyl Mesh Corset with Metal Boning. Color: Silver. Size: Small.
Dream-SALE-W $45.00
Knee-high stretch boot, in Color WHITE. Sizes Available: 8.
EASY-S-Closeout $29.99
Silver Knee High Boots with front laces. Color: Silver. Size: 5.5.
ED-N-2012-Closeout $69.00
Satin cage long dress. Color: Black. Size: L.
ED-N-2223-Sale $49.00
Slinky pegnoir with matching rhinestone trimmed gloves. Color: Black. Size: Small.
ED-N-2255-Closeout $49.00
Evening Dress, Black with Gold Diamonds, with Scoop Neck, and Spaghetti Straps. The back slit makes this dress HOT! Color: Black/Gold. Size: Small.
GO-8339-Closeout $12.99
Spandex gown with lace high-neck halter bodice and side slit. Color: Black. One Size.
GO-8536-Closeout $12.99
Swirl lace, lace-up front gown, with keyhole front and high side slit. Color: Black. One Size.
GOGO-300-Brwn-Closeout $29.99
Knee high gogo boots. Color: Flat Brown. Size: 13.
GOGO-300-Pink-Closeout $29.99
Knee high gogo boots with inside zipper. Color: Baby Pink Patent. Size: 8.
GOGO-300-Silver-Closeout $29.99
Knee high gogo boots with inside zipper. Color: Silver. Size: 8.
GT-Q-81140 $9.99
Textured garter belt with bow detail. Color: Black with pink bow. One Size (Adjustable).
GT-Q-8888 $12.99
Lace garter belt and matching thong panty. Adjustable back. Stockings (ST-Q-1001) sold separately. Colors: Pink, Black, White, Red. Sizes: One Size, and Plus Size.
HH-508-JULIET-R-Closeout $22.50
Wafer platform with 5" heel, single vamp and buckle ankle strap sandals. Color: Red. Size: 8.
HH-511-BRANDE-Pk-Closeout $29.99
Pretty patent pumps with 5" heel. Color: Pink Patent. Size: 8
HH-513-JASMINE-R-Closeout $50.00
Sandal with wrap around ankle strap, single vamp, and five inch heel. Color: Red Patent. Size: 14.
HH-b-DOMINA-414-Closeout $39.00
Patent single sole d'orsey sandals with studded wide ankle strap. Color: White Patent. Size: 14.
HH-b-Domina-451-Red-Closeout $39.00
Tie in the front pump with 5.5 inch heel. Color: Red Patent/Black Laces. Size: 12.
HH-b-Entice-107B-Closeout $29.99
Open toe sandal with 5" metal heel, chained ankle strap and chained vamp. Back zipper closure. Color: Black Patent. Sizes: 7, 11.
HH-b-GALA-50-Closeout $36.00
Wrap around gladiator ankle strap sandals with 5" heel. Black Leather. Sizes: 6, 8
HH-b-Honey-25-BlkLmy-CL $22.50
Wafer platform sandals with wrap around ankle strap. Color: Black Lamy. Size: 9.
HH-b-SCREAM-01-B-Closeout $49.00
Spiked Stiletto with Metal Tip and a 6" heel. Color: Black Patent. Size: 13.
HH-b-Seduce-210-Closeout $25.00
Patent Studded T-Strap Sandals with open-toe and 5" heel. Color: Black Patent. Size: 9.
HH-Glamour-B-Closeout $22.50
Spectator Pump. Color: Black/White. Size: 5.5, 9, 10, 11.
HH-Glamour-R-Sale $22.50
Spectator Pump. Color: Red/White. Sizes: 5.5, 8.5.
HH-GOING-Closeout $16.00
Strappy sexy sandal with 4 inch heel. Color: Black Satin. Sizes Available: 5.5, 6.
HH-h-BarNone-Closeout $29.95
Satin Sandal w/ Enclosed Toe and 4” Heel. Color: Black Satin. Size: 9.
HH-h-CLASSIC-C-Closeout $22.50
Pointy-toed four inch pump. Color: Camel. Sizes: 11.
HH-h-DoubleFeature-C-Closeout $19.99
Open-toe sandal with buckle ankle strap and buckle over the vamp. Color: Flat Camel. Size: 9.
HH-h-FAME-B-Closeout $20.00
Strappy sandals with suede upper and the look of a stacked heel. Color: Black/Natural. Size: 10.
HH-h-FAME-R-Closeout $20.00
Strappy sandals with suede upper and the look of a stacked heel. Color: Red/Natural. Size: 9.
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